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Silos, Output Auger, Dust House & Bag Loading Auger

60 Ton Silo
60 Ton Silo
  • 60 Ton Silo
  • Bag Loading Auger
  • Bag Loading Auger
  • 40 Ton Low Profile
  • 75 Ton Silo
  • 40 Ton Silo with Bag House
  • 40 Ton Portable Silo


We have completely refurbished 40, 60, 75 ton cement and flyash silos with 4” fill tube, side access door and aeration ports. Silos have 4 – 25K Load Cells or 4 – 50K Load Cells operated from the Batch Plant Controls. Portable silos available.

Output Auger

8” x 27’ Heavy Duty Cement or Fly-ash Output Auger hydraulically driven from the plant’s hydraulic system Variable Speed, Mounted at 35% angle Output Height: 15’ (with rubber boot to drop cement directly into mixer truck)

Dust House:

Simple ground level Dust House with a Royal Premium Cartridge Filter with 3,600 SCFM capacity and center air jets. To blow filter out, you must clean the bag house after every two silo fillings.

Bag Loading Auger

BL-35 Bag Loading Auger allows you to load a 40 ton, low profile, cement silo at location where pneumatic power cement is not available (94lb bags or Super Sacks)